Seafood laksa

Laksa and Seafood - A marriage made for your tastebuds.

People often ask us "What's the best curry paste to use with seafood?"

Well, when it comes to enhancing the flavours of seafood, there's one secret weapon that stands out above the rest – Laksa paste. This aromatic and versatile curry paste originates from the vibrant and diverse cuisines of Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia and Singapore. While it's traditionally associated with noodle soups, Laksa paste brings a unique depth of flavour to seafood curries and stir fries that is simply unparalleled.


We are so blessed to have access to some wonderful seafood all around Australia. Whether it's fresh fish, succulent prawns, sweet scallops, or the ever popular calamari your kids just caught on a family holiday, they all benefit from the addition of some Laksa! 

Laksa paste is a symphony of flavours, blending aromatic herbs, spices, and chilli. Lemongrass, galangal, onion, and garlic create a fragrant and zesty base, while the heat from chilli adds a delightful kick. The combination of these ingredients results in a complex and well-balanced flavour profile that perfectly complements the delicate taste of any seafood.

Laksa paste's adaptability makes it an ideal choice for various seafood dishes. Whether you're preparing a mild and creamy coconut-based curry or a tangy and tamarind-infused stir fry, Laksa paste seamlessly integrates into different culinary styles. Its versatility allows you to experiment with different textures and flavours while maintaining a consistent and delicious outcome - and your kitchen will smell sensational while cooking with Laksa!
chilliLaksa paste strikes a perfect balance between heat and flavour. The chilli adds a subtle spiciness without overpowering the dish, allowing the natural flavours of the seafood to shine through. This balance makes Laksa paste an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bit of warmth in their curry without sacrificing the nuances of the seafood.

Its complexity, versatility, and balanced heat make it a standout ingredient that can turn a simple seafood curry into a gourmet experience. Elevate your seafood game with Laksa!

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